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Brazilian Mail on the 1930 Zeppelin Flight


This section will contain, eventually, not only all of my research results for the topic of the Brazilian mail on the 1930 Pan American Flight of the Graf Zeppelin, but also attempts to gather together in a single site, all that is known and has been written about this subject. Many of the topics in this site have been covered by my own articles, written over the years, that appeared in a variety of philatelic journals and newspapers. Yet , in many cases, the version of the previously published article was edited and often only contained black and white illustrations. In the meanwhile, newer results have become available. Thus the topics developed here include the latest results and have thereby been freshened up. And as new results arrive, the contributions will be updated accordingly.

To ease the use and access to the articles of this site, the site is structured into four major categories and a glossary. The categories, in turn, have indices of their own including a small abstract of each theme or contribution.

ATTENTION: If you are looking for a very specific aspect or theme, then consult the glossary first. I've also introduced a “What's New” (see left hand column), to display what had been added, enlarged or edited since your last visit.


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Included in this category are such aspects and topics as the stamps themselves (e. g. with NEW dates of issue), the postage rates (e. g. overweight letters). Included too, are topics like diplomatic and commercial mail, and unusual aspects, that appear on this flight, e. g. the use of folded business cards.

Marking and Cancels:

Besides the usual cancellations (those of Condor and the BPO), further topics such as von Meister numbers, registrado markings. In short, everything that appears on a cover, whether postal or not in nature, eventually can appear here and be discussed. This includes the air mail stickers/etiquettes seen on covers of this flight – in the Brazilian case even ones that first were used in 1933!


This category mainly involves where covers were sent to, or from where they came. I've already demonstrated that covers out of Buenos Aires were canceled in Rio and not Recife (and some catalogs still don't get it). Letters to a variety of countries and the routes these letters took to get there, are the main aspect of this section.

Personalities and Dealers:

Here we concentrate on such topics as, typical covers and their varieties as created by dealers and aero-philatelists.